January 30, 2009

Catholic Bishop denies the Holocaust

RELIGION - A Catholic bishop has been forced to apologize by Pope Benedict XVI for the "distress and problems" he caused by denying the Holocaust.

Bishop Richard Williamson, who recently denied that 6 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust, is calling his remarks "imprudent" as he expresses his regrets in a letter posted on his personal blog today. Williamson's denial of the Holocaust in an interview on Swedish TV sparked a storm of protest from Jewish groups and human rights groups.

Bishop Williamson was excommunicated by the Vatican over 20 years ago in 1988 because he had been elevated to bishop's rank by a renegade, ultraconservative prelate. Williamson was un-excommunicated by Pope Benedict on January 21st 2009.

Williamson also believes that Jews are bent on world dominion and that September 11th was planned by Israel. He has not apologized for these.

Evidently Benedict might have to reconsider excommunicating him again. Or not. Pope Benedict is a former Hitler youth and despite his public stance against the Jewish Holocaust, Benedict has been strongly promoting the idea of converting Jews to Christianity.

Since becoming the new pope in April 2005 Benedict has reinstituted the Tridentine Mass which includes a prayer for the conversion of Jews, "from darkness to Catholicism." in 2007 and has been critical of Israel's actions in the Middle East.

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  2. IMHO what should bother Jews and other non-Catholics is NOT what the Catholic Church does about Bishop what's his name.
    The real problem is that the Roman Catholic Church's leadership has been so close to the fascists that there's been no need to lift the excommunication of the worst of them, as it never excommunicated any of them to begin with.
    The leadership of the Nazi regime was a virtual Catholic men's group, a chapter you might say of the Knights of Columbus or Knights of Malta.
    Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Josef Goebbels, Reinhard Heydrich, Rudolf Hoess, Julius Streicher, Fritz Thyssen (who bankrolled the Nazi rise to power), Klaus Barbie, and Franz Von Papen were all Roman Catholics, as were
    + Leon Degrelle who headed the Nazi state of Belgium,
    + Emil Hacha who headed the Nazi state of Bohemia-Moravia,
    + Ante Pavelic who headed the Nazi state of Croatia,
    + Konrad Henlein who headed the Nazi state of Sudetenland,
    + Pierre Laval and then Henry Petain who headed the Nazi state of Vichy-France.
    + the priest, Msgr. Josef Tiso, who headed the Nazi state of Slovakia.
    (who wasn't even defrocked after the defeat of the Nazis).
    Although these were among the most visible Catholic lay people in their countries at the time, did Pope Pius XII excommunicate a single one of them? NO. How can anyone say that this pope did "all that he could", when he failed to take this obvious measure so as to make it clear to the millions of Catholic faithful who were enabling the Nazis to carry out their campaigns of mass murder, not only against Jews, but against their fellow Catholics in Poland, that they should have no part in these monstrous of crimes and most mortal of sins? Apologists for Pius XII who claim that their crimes caused these people to be "automatically excommunicated" miss the point that excommunication isn't intended to tell GOD who is a Catholic and who isn't but to tell THE FAITHFUL whom to shun.
    On the other hand, after the Nazis were defeated and no longer posed any threat to the pope, the Vatican, or the Catholic Church anywhere, did Pope Pius XII allow the Vatican to be used to protect thousands of Catholic war criminals such as the above to escape punishment for their war crimes? YES. Whose side was the pope on?
    Here are some of the more infamous war criminals the Vatican protected from prosecution:
    Adolf Eichmann, "the architect of the Holocaust", ,
    Alois Brunner , referred to as his "best man" by Eichman,
    Dr. Josef Mengele, "the Angel of Death" ,
    Franz Stangl, commandant of the Sobibór and of Treblinka extermination camp ,
    Gustav Wagner assistant to Franz Stangl,
    Klaus Barbie, "the Butcher of Lyon" ,
    Edward Roschmann, "the Butcher of Riga",
    Aribert Heim, Mauthausen concentration camp's "Dr. Death",
    Walter Rauff, believed responsible for nearly 100,000 deaths
    Andrija Artuković, "the Himmler of the Balkans"
    Ante Pavelić, head of Catholic Croatia, arguably the most murderous regime in relation to its size in Axis-occupied Europe.
    from JesusWouldBeFurious.Org/NaziLeadership.html

    & JesusWouldBeFurious.Org/Hitlersfaith.html


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