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December 30, 2015

Herr Trump and the Last Hurrah of White America

The United States of America is leaning dangerously towards the right wing as Donald Trump leads the Republican nomination for the presidency on a platform of ultra-right racism, fiscal irresponsibility and vague promises to "make America great again" - which is reusing Ronald Reagan's campaign slogan of "make America great".

Americans should be advised of the following things:

Donald Trump bankrupted multiple businesses, including a casino. How fiscally bad do you have to be to bankrupt a casino?

Donald Trump was born into wealth. He didn't become wealthy using business acumen, he is the result of his family's previous wealth and his own skill at swindling people out of their money - hence numerous lawsuits and allegations of fraud.

Donald Trump has been accused of defrauding Americans many times, but never convicted. That means he isn't just good at defrauding people, he is very good at getting away with it.

Donald Trump will say anything to win - including bashing Mexicans and Muslims in an effort to prop himself up with racist voters. Hey, it worked for Hitler, why not for Trump?

History shows us that Trump is a devout capitalist, interested only in himself and making himself richer. He has zero interest in helping the American people. Much more likely he will bankrupt the USA and sell much of it to China. Or Saudi Arabia.

Many of Trump's biggest financial supporters are from Saudi Arabia - just like the Bush family and Ronald Reagan. This sets an almost foregone conclusion that Trump actually has a chance to win the presidency. If the same people who backed the Bush family and Ronald Reagan into the White House could get those idiots into power, they could certainly get Trump into power too.

Which is bizarre when you consider the people who are supporting Trump in the USA - people who evidently don't know Trump is both proposing banning Muslims but is also receiving huge campaign donations from Muslims - are mostly white and mostly male, and uneducated.

So uneducated it even spawned a fake internet quote.

Fake or not, it doesn't matter. It raises a very valid point about the average intelligence of Republican voters in the USA. They're not just uneducated and stupid, they're downright ridiculously stupid.

And Donald Trump, a self professed genius, is playing right to the heart of Republican voters. He isn't talking about economics (or when he does, he basically just brags about the fact he is a billionaire) or the US national debt, slumping quality of education, household debt, poverty in America, the quality of health care in America or anything worth actually talking about, and instead he refocuses attention on how much he would bomb Muslims, how he would ban Muslims from the USA, promote hatred of Mexicans, force Mexico to build a wall across the border (there is already a fence, what more does he want?), and basically make meaningless platitudes and BS his way through debates.

And Republicans, those who can't even platitudes or know what the word means, eat it up like it is sugar-covered-sh*t and then think it is chocolate.

If elected - and it is looking more and more possible - Donald Trump will be the biggest loser in American politics. The most laughed at. The most powerless. The lamest of lamest ducks.


Because even Republicans, dumb as they are, will eventually realized when they have been swindled.

For fun have a look at George W. Bush's approval rating during his time in office. He left office with an approval rating of 33%, the lowest approval rating of any president in the history of the USA. Donald Trump can do one better. He can get an approval rating in the 20s or lower.

Now in the title you may have noticed we added the bit "the Last Hurrah of White America".

We chose this title because racism is fighting a losing battle in the USA. It is a matter of demographics and population growth. White people are currently in the majority in the USA, but during the next 45 years white people will lose that position of dominance and start the process of becoming a minority.

There are two main racial groups in the USA that are growing rapidly: Hispanics (not just from Mexico, but also Central and South America) and people who are mixed race - which is one of the reasons why the percentage of African Americans is not expected to increase, due to mixed race marriages/children - a phenomenon that is rapidly growing in the USA.

At present the best estimate is that white Americans will officially become a minority by 2044.

And let us be honest about this. The idea that white people (some of which are descended from former slave owners) might become a minority in a country that was once dominated by a hundred million Cherokee, Sioux and other "Amerindians" before white people showed up and started a mass genocide that wiped much of their culture away... Well that just freaks the hell out of white Republicans.

To them they think that they might see a return of slavery, but it would be white people who are the slaves. Or that the other races will band together to kill all the white people, just like white people did to Indigenous Americans (aka "Amerindians"). Utter nonsense, but that is what some white people think will happen.

So Donald Trump represents to white Republicans a sense of "hope" for the future, to help white people stave off the hordes of scary Mexicans and Muslims and other "brown people" that white Americans find so scary.

Ultimately the USA was a country born amidst racist genocide, endured over a century of racist slavery, struggled for over a century with racial divides of wealth, income, social status - and continues to struggle even now, despite electing a black president.

Racism is alive and well in the USA, and it is showing its ugly head in the form of Donald Trump.


November 4, 2015

Harper the Horrible

Want to have some fun! Google the words 'Harper the Horrible' and check out the results.

Results like:

S**t Harper Did

Why Not Harper?

Is Harper the worst prime minister in history?

Stephen Harper and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very ...

Harper the Bad Conservative

Reality Check: Is Harper's economic record as bad as ...

Harper Watch | Compiling the Harper Government's Assault on Democracy

The good and bad aspects of Stephen Harper's term as the Prime Minister of Canada

Conservatives grapple with the terrible death of a Syrian boy ...

In summary it starts to make you realize why so many Canadians despise Stephen Harper. And why approx. 80% of Canadians say they prefer Kim Campbell over Stephen Harper.

If you were to rank the following ten prime ministers by popularity, this is the order of how popular they are or were:

Jean Chretien
Pierre Trudeau
Brian Mulroney
Lester B. Pearson
John Diefenbaker
Joe Clark
Kim Campbell
Paul Martin
John Turner
Stephen Harper

October 21, 2015

Stephen Harper beat by Justin Trudeau

Conservatives across Canada are still stinging from the beating they got from "not ready" Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and now Canada's 23rd Prime Minister.

So what now?

Well, for starters Trudeau is planning to deliberately run 3 deficits for 3 years in order to boost the Canadian economy.

This actually is the right course of action right now, as Canada has entered a "post oil collapse recession".

Stephen Harper (aka, Harper the Horrible, the former prime minister) basically put all of his eggs in the same basket - the Alberta oil industry. Harper basically bet everything on oil, the price of oil continuing to go up, and continued demand for oil from Canada's closest neighbour, the USA. However since then the price of oil has collapsed so instead Harper has been trying to ensure Canada's future by trying to build an oil pipeline to the USA, hoping that cheaper transportation of oil will keep his buddies in Alberta happy.

However the USA isn't buying the Keystone oil pipeline idea. Obama killed it with a veto, and Americans in general weren't happy about an ecological disaster either.

So Stephen Harper's plans for oil and riches were not going to pan out anyway.

Remember the old adage, don't put all your eggs in one basket? The idea is that you don't put all the eggs in one basket, because if you lose or drop the basket, you don't lose or break all the eggs. Well Stephen Harper did that. Invested everything in oil futures and then his dreams of oil pouring into the USA and money pouring into Canada were a complete waste.

Trudeau's plan calls for something much more stable and diversified. He is going to invest in manufacturing jobs. Building things. Airplanes. Cars. Roads. Construction. New homes. By focusing his attention on boosting the economy for Canada's beleaguered manufacturing sector he will be creating jobs in a sector that has been hard hit by NAFTA and trade deals with Asia, where products can be made for a fraction of the cost.

Boosting manufacturing in Canada means more Canadians buying products MADE IN CANADA and less reliance on products made overseas. It also means Canada will be shipping more products overseas and to the USA / Mexico, our NAFTA trading partners.

Manufacturing jobs are the backbone of a strong economy. Basing an economy on oil and mining sounds great if you are rich and own the oil fields or the gold mine, but it is manufacturing jobs that helps the middle class of Canada.

And that is really the reason why Trudeau won the election on Monday. The middle class of Canada has been neglected by Stephen Harper and are suffering. They voted Trudeau in because he is going to boost the economy for the benefit of the middle class - and impoverished Canadians will benefit too, many of them will make the jump from being "poor" to "middle class" as more manufacturing jobs are added to Canada's economy.

It isn't rocket science. It is economics 101. Stephen Harper evidently failed that course. See Stephen Harper has the worst economic record in 70 years.

Below, Trudeau tosses Stephen Harper in the trash.

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October 20, 2015

Canadian Liberals win landslide Majority

9 days ago, after studying the polls and population distribution of ridings, we predicted a Liberal majority government. 170 out of 338 seats were needed to form a majority. We predicted the Liberals would win a narrow majority with 172.

2015 Election Predictions
Liberals 172
Conservatives 101
NDP 60,
Bloc 4
Green 1

2015 Election Results
Liberals 184
Conservatives 99
NDP 44
Bloc 10
Green 1

So. We were right in our prediction of a Liberal majority, but like many predictions our's was slightly off on the final numbers. The Liberals ended up winning 12 more seats than our predictions - ending with a strong majority of 184.

The Conservatives won 2 less seats than our predictions, the NDP a whopping 16 seats less, and the Bloc 6 more seats than we thought possible. And the Green Party was spot on.

The accuracy of our prediction was due to the high polling numbers we saw in Atlantic Canada, Ontario and other parts of the country. We correctly predicted the Liberals would sweep Atlantic Canada - we didn't expect all 32 out of 32 seats for the Liberals, but hey, a sweep is a sweep. We also predicted the Liberals would do well in Ontario and Quebec, especially in Toronto and Montreal. Lastly we predicted the Liberals would win an assortment of extra seats in the Prairies and B.C., just enough to boost the party into a majority.

We were wrong however. The Liberals did way better than we predicted, sweeping whole regions and strong showings in other regions. Total % of the popular vote was 39.5% across the country.

In other news we have a message for the horrible former Prime Minister Stephen Harper (aka, Harper the Horrible). It goes like this:

Na na na na
Na na na na
Hey hey hey

October 11, 2015

Who would you vote for? Game of Thrones in Canada

Liberal Majority Government Predicted in Canada

Its official. Lilith News is predicting a Liberal Majority government in Canada in the upcoming election. We are basing this prediction on the direction polls are showing Canadians are planning to vote nationally and population distribution of those votes.

2015 Election Predictions
Liberals 172
Conservatives 101
NDP 60
Bloc 4
Green 1

The NDP and Liberals will duke it out in British Columbia and the Territories, where the Liberals will take about 60% of the seats.

The Conservatives grip on the Prairie Provinces is weakening, with the Liberals taking only a few seats in that region - but a larger number than recent previous elections.

In Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces the Liberals will get approx. 70% of the seats, most of what they need to form a government. This will guarantee they form at least a minority government, but will allow a majority if the current polling holds true.

The NDP will take 60% of the seats in Quebec, with the Liberals taking only 20%. The Bloc will take most of the remaining seats.

So. The question now is whether this poll-based prediction of population distribution of votes will hold to be accurate.

Note - This does not mean you should not vote in the upcoming election. Go out there and vote early. Get it done. Vote strategically if you really don't mind a NDP or Liberal MP, and really just want Stephen Harper gone.

Separate polls show that approx. 80% of Canadians hate Stephen Harper and want him booted from the PMO. (Not the exact words of the poll, but anyways.) Hence the "Anybody But Harper" slogans and similar concepts geared towards getting Canadians mobilized to get rid of this "corrupt dictator" who has been behind scandal after scandal for over 10 years.

It is time for him to go.

September 1, 2015

2015 Canadian General Election Anthem: Harperman

This is officially the anthem of the 2015 Canadian general election. "Harperman" was created by Canadian singer / songwriter / scientist Tony Turner.

Remember a vote for the Liberals or the NDP are both good, but you may want to vote strategically in your riding if you want to make sure Stephen Harper is kicked out of office.

The good news is Stephen Harper keeps falling in the polls.

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August 3, 2015

Stephen Harper has the worst economic record in 70 years

Although Canada's Conservative Party likes to brag about how Stephen Harper is a "steady hand on the wheel" of the economy, that lie is increasingly hard to square with reality.

A recent poll shows that Harper's reputation as a competent manager of the economy has plummeted, combined with analysis that shows Stephen Harper has the worst economic record of any Canadian Prime Minister since the end of the Second World War.

The report crunches the numbers on Canada's nine Prime Ministers between 1946 and 2015 on issues relating to work, production, distribution and debt, and ranks each according to 16 economic indicators.

On 13 of the 16 indicators, Harper ranks dead last or second last. In fact, Harper does not rank higher than sixth on any single indicator. The end result? Stephen Harper is the worst prime minister with respect to the economy in 70 years.

Here are six examples of what these data show:

1. Stephen Harper has steered Canada's economy to its lowest levels of growth in 69 years

With an average annual real GDP growth rate of 1.6%, under Stephen Harper's tenure the Canadian economy grew by nearly half the rate it did for his predecessors in the decade before he took office. It was nearly three times worse than Canada's growth rate during the 1950s and 1960s.
Under Harper, real GDP grew "barely enough to keep up with population growth," says Stanford. "And by early 2015, real GDP actually began shrinking."

2. Harper has the worst job creation record of any Prime Minister since 1946

Harper's 1% annual average growth in employment is "significantly slower than the rate of population growth," Stanford says, adding it is "the slowest job creation of any Prime Ministers since World War II."

3. Harper is the first Prime Minister since the 1950s to oversee a decline in the employment rate

Remember Louis St. Laurent?

As job creation failed to keep pace with population growth, for the very first time since St. Laurent left office in 1957, Canada saw the employment rate decline under Harper.

4. Stephen Harper is kind of a lousy salesman

Since being elected in 2006, Canada's exports have grown by a measly 0.3%, "by far the worst in post-war history."

No wonder Canada keeps experiencing huge trade deficits.

5. It has been good times for Canada's richest 1% under Stephen Harper

Not as good as the days under Paul Martin when the share of total income for the top 1% of earners was 12.9%, but Harper places just behind his predecessor at a 12.7% share.

6. Meanwhile, the standard of living of everyone else has never risen so slowly

As Stanford explains, assuming wealth is distributed fairly, when GDP grows faster than population growth, then GDP per capita increases and, in theory, that increases everyone's living standards.
Not so much under Harper. On 14 separate occasions since the end of the Second World War, real GDP per capita grew more in one single year than it has during Harper's entire time as Prime Minister.

According to Stanford, Lester B. Pearson's economic performance (1963-68) ranks highest while Canada's three Conservative Prime Ministers in the postwar era (Harper, Mulroney and Diefenbaker) ranked among the four lowest.

Stephen Harper
The Worst Economic Leader in 70 Years

June 2, 2015

Open Letter To Prime Minister Stephen Harper - Smoking in Canada

Open Letter To Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Want to be remembered as doing something good for the benefit of the health of all Canadians? Make smoking illegal.

It doesn't matter what people are smoking, whether it be tobacco, marijuana or crack cocaine - they are all known to be harmful to the health of Canadians. Recent lawsuits in Quebec, Ontario and other provinces have already proven this, as do thousands of scientific studies.

You could save the Canadian healthcare system billions of dollars simply by making all smoking products illegal - and simultaneously put a stop to the legalize marijuana movement. Which you already don't like anyway, so that would boost your agenda there.

However you don't want to burden the prison system with thousands of people arrested for smoking, so the trick is to change it to a fine when people are caught smoking - and a hefty fine for people selling any kind of substance meant for smoking.

The current laws really only target possession of marijuana and people smoking tobacco in public places. By banning all smoking entirely you could put a stop to the proliferation of many different kinds of cancer across Canada. Cancer that is costing our health care system billions and slowing down wait times for important medical treatments.

Banning smoking is not a complete solution however. You will also need to enforce non-smoking laws. At present many people shirk or ignore many anti-smoking laws and police don't bother to enforce those laws. Incentives need to be made to get police to start enforcing those laws instead of ignoring what they normally consider to be a petty crime. Easiest way to do this would be to have drug task forces assigned to also monitor public places and hand out fines to people caught smoking. This would actually make the government money as a result.

This will inherently make smoking tobacco a practice people do at home or in complete privacy, but the shortage of tobacco and what will doubtlessly be much higher black market prices will force many tobacco smokers to quit simply because they cannot afford the expensive habit.

The medical marijuana movement isn't going to go away, but enforcing a Canada wide ban on recreational smoking will benefit hundreds of thousands of Canadians by preventing a wide variety of cancers.

And while the Conservative Party will get hurt temporarily in polls by people who love smoking tobacco, once they have quit you will see a boost in the polls. Plus you should see a boost in the polls from anyone who dislikes smokers. So it is a short term win, with a long term win-win.

Justin Trudeau might want to legalize marijuana but he won't want to align himself with the tobacco lobby.

This is a smart choice for Canadians both in terms of health and saving Canada's health care system money. Plus it is a smart move politically because it forces Trudeau to ask himself if he wants ally himself with Big Tobacco.

If you make the next election's big issue the banning of tobacco products you could potentially win another majority.

If you don't find a big way to unite Canadians you are going to lose and lose big. At present the polls show you are going to lose the next election, either to the Liberals or to NDP. One or the other it won't matter if you end up coming in third.

But if you make banning tobacco smoking a campaign promise it will divide the electorate in such a way that will be unexpected, giving you a huge boost in the polls. The question is whether you have the gumption to take on Big Tobacco or whether you are a coward who is afraid to do anything so daring.

January 1, 2015

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