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May 29, 2012

What is Pope Benedict's definition of "radical feminism"?

By Suzanne MacNevin

According to Pope Benedict the nuns in America are a bunch of radical feminists.

I think he and I differ on the meaning of "radical feminist".

Lets establish some criteria.

#1. Radical is usually used to describe something that is unusual. ie. "Out of the box thinking."

#2. Feminism is the belief that men and women are equals.

#3. "Radical Feminism" is the belief that men and women are caught in a power struggle wherein men have control of the balance of power and women are seeking to share it equally.

So does this mean that Pope Benedict controls the balance of power within the Holy Roman Catholic Church and he sees nuns as a threat to his control? Possibly. It might explain his comments.

Lets put this in context.

Yesterday Pope Benedict chose to rebuke American nuns for being more concerned about poverty and social justice issues than about abortion and gay marriage. He basically argued that American nuns should stop worrying about people who are poor and starving to death and instead worry about harassing gay people and women so poor they see abortion as their only alternative to starvation.

(Methinks Pope Benedict doesn't have his priorities straight and has probably never been poor and starving.)

Last month the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith scolded the Leadership Conference of Women's Religious (which represents some 80% of American nuns) for what they called "serious doctrinal problems", such as subscribing to "radical feminist themes" like social justice and preventing poverty, while being too quiet about abortion and same sex marriages.

Which is frankly funny because its basically a bunch of old rich men who have probably never been poor, have definitely never been pregnant, and ironically can't keep their penises in their pants when choirboys are around.

A bishop was then appointed to correct this discrepancy with the nuns, but the resulting puzzlement among nuns (and many other people) who point out that the Bible has a lot to say about poverty and the poor but doesn't explicitly mention anything about homosexuality or abortion, except by implication (Sodom and Gomorrah, although to be fair the word "sodomy" probably has very little to do with the Biblical city of Sodom).

It just seems extremely silly that the Vatican is chastising nuns, a group which travels to many nasty places around the world and sacrifices their time to help those in greatest need. Nuns run makeshift hospitals in war-torn and disease infected areas while less faithful people have turned tail and ran away.

Meanwhile the Vatican hierarchy sits in their golden palaces and gold-trimmed silk and complains about homosexuals while secretly fondling altar boys. It makes for a stark contrast.

And then Pope Benedict came out and outright called the nuns "radical feminists" just because they aren't doing enough to stop abortion and gay marriages (although seriously, there is no power on earth that will stop gay men from wanting to get married and if a woman has her heart set on an abortion it won't matter whether the USA says its legal or not, she will have one anyway).

Indeed by shining the light on the plight of the nuns (and also radical feminists by happy accident) Pope Benedict may actually inadvertently help both the causes of poverty, social justice and even further the cause of feminism.

While a person can laugh and appreciate the Vatican's hypocritical concerns, it is a gross tactical error to suggest that nuns spend too much effort helping and guiding the poor. The Bible after all strongly stresses the need to help the poor and its been a cornerstone of the Catholic Church.

Even the most die-hard atheists would still agree that nuns who serve in remote, dangerous and uncomfortable areas of the world are shining beacons for good in the world. This has nothing to do with god, their actions resonate bravery, faith in the human spirit and dedication to helping and comforting the sick and dying, and those who have little hope. Nobody in their right mind would have anything bad to say about the sacrifices performed by nuns around the world in their efforts to help people.

And social justice? What is wrong with social justice. Nothing. Its not like the nuns are homicidal maniacs toting guns and waving Confederate flags. Helping the poor and poverty issues are hardly revolutionary.

Also this shines the light on the Vatican's scandals that have plagued the Catholic Church in recent years have involved priests and cover-ups of pedophilia and sexual mischief. In contrast the nuns have a virtually untarnished reputation and can be best be described as "demanding" in the cases of schools run by nuns.

The nuns aren't stupid, nor are they pushovers. Pope Benedict and the Vatican seems to have forgotten that. The nuns are the front line soldiers of the Catholic Church and the armchair generals (the bishops) are giving faulty orders to the troops that contradict the higher orders found in the Bible. The nuns are going to look at the orders from the Vatican, look at the Bible's efforts to fight poverty, say "Pfff!" and keep doing what they've always been doing: Helping people.

Lets give a historical example:

A mother superior in Greece asked the bishop there if she could send two nuns to teach a literacy project in a poor area. The Bishop said "No."

"The bishop was very clear in his refusal to allow two nuns, and I could not disobey him," said the mother superior. "So I sent three nuns."

Which is exactly my point. The nuns will get around foolish orders without actually disobeying the order. They may not literally say "Pfff!" but their actions will be clear that they will disregard any idiocy.

In the USA its not like nuns have any control over Congress anyway. Its the same problem all over again. Men controlling the show. Congress is a male dominated piece of the American government and it will likely stay male dominated for a long time.

The current and 112th United States Congress consists of 541 elected officials from 50 states. The Senate has 100 members; the House of Representatives has 435 members.

Of this there are 17 women in the Senate and 76 women in the House of Representatives (17.5%).

So its not like the nuns are going to attack Congress and force them to change the laws governing the right to a safe abortion or gay marriages.

I would argue Pope Benedict is barking up the wrong tree. The nuns are the ones who are in the right. Benedict should be worrying about POVERTY first. It is HE who should be admonished for fussing over homosexuals too much when he is forgetting the cornerstone of the Catholic Church is helping people.

May 23, 2012

Archery is the hottest sport this Summer

Talk to anyone who is in the business of selling archery equipment and they will tell you that archery equipment sales are through the roof.


We blame the film and book industries (and Disney). Books and comicbooks being turned into movies in the form of:

The Hunger Games
The Avengers

If we go further back we might also blame various TV shows like Archer, Smallville (with the character Green Arrow) and others. Archery apparently is now in vogue.

So it really comes as no surprise that sales of archery equipment are through the roof in North America.

But what happens if you've decided to take up archery, but you need an instructor to teach you?

Well if you are in Toronto you can get an archery instructor for $40 for 2 hours. No equipment necessary. Or bring some friends and it is $50 for 2 people or $60 for 3 people.

Lilith News surpasses 1 million visits

You may have noticed this blogs popularity has gone up and recently breached the 1 million hit mark.

According to our stats from April 2011 and April 2012 the popularity of Lilith News is up 30%. Month to year statistics vary wildly. ie. March 2011 and March 2012 stats shows a popularity increase of 50%.

But here's a good one: In the last 6 months Lilith News has received 329,000 hits. Proof that we must be doing something right.


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Facebook stocks only worth $18.75, possibly less

Facebook's vastly anticipated IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the stock market caused a lot of buzz amongst people who normally don't purchase stocks. Fans of Facebook were lining up at virtual stock trading companies to plunk down their $38 (or some multiplier thereof) to get themselves a share of Facebook's stock offering.

On the first day of trading the price quickly went up to $42 but by the end of first day was back down to $38.23 and would have fallen farther except the powers-that-be froze the stock price.

However since then it has been revealed the owners of Facebook may have committed fraud by lying about their profits, increasing the number of stocks by 25% and inflating the price of $25 by 52% to $38.

In reality the increased number of stocks also decreases their real value. Thus Facebook stocks are really only worth about $18.75... or less.

Why less? Several reasons. #1. Facebook has been lying about its profits. #2. Facebook doesn't have a strong history of profits. Yes, Facebook does sell advertising (and game credits) for a profit, but its overhead is still significant.

Today Facebook's stock price fell to $32, down $6 from its IPO price. The price is expected to continue to fall.

Facebook is now facing a class action lawsuit by stockholders who want their money back and say they were defrauded by false claims of profitability.

May 16, 2012

Canadian banks ripping off Canadians says 12-year-old girl

Twelve-year-old Victoria Grant from Cambridge Ontario has been giving a rehearsed speech to audiences at conferences about how “the banks and the government have colluded to financially enslave the people of Canada.”

The video has become an overnight Internet sensation after a video of her giving a scathing criticism of Canada’s banking industry went viral.

So basically the Emperor has No Clothes and as usual its a kid who is the first to point it out.

May 9, 2012

What if in 20 years Canada became cancer free?

First the Facts:

#1. More Canadians are being diagnosed with liver, thyroid and kidney cancers because of factors like obesity and alcohol abuse. So more Canadians are getting cancer...

#2. 75,700 Canadians are expected to die from cancer in 2012 (according to the Canadian Cancer Society).

#3. The mortality rate is dropping! Since 1988 an estimated 100,000 lives were saved from 1988 to 2007 largely thanks to new medications and treatments.

#4. New cancer cases are increasing in tandem with an aging and growing population, but the biggest threat remains smoking-related lung cancer, which kills more than breast, prostate and colorectal cancers combined.

#5. Lung cancer is declining and has been since the 1980s due to a huge drop in the number of Canadians who smoke. (Either they're dying off or quitting in an effort to improve their health.)

#6. In 2009 Canadian scientists cured cancer using the drug DCA, but because there is no patent on DCA no big pharmaceutical companies are willing to mass produce it as a cancer medication (because there isn't any profit in reproducing a drug that has no patent). See the video below:

So taking in all the facts the question then becomes, if obesity keeps going up and smoking keeps going down, will medications be able to kill what ails Canadians?

Well with the DCA drug, its possible Canada could wipe out 90% of cancer and dramatically improve the lifespans of Canadians. There is a booming market for DCA on the internet, but there is also start up companies which are selling it in alternative health stores since the big pharmaceutical companies have refused to hitch their horses to an unprofitable wagon.

Canadian doctors are also recommending patients try DCA and where to purchase it. Since the drug is so cheap and easy to make it doesn't cost much to try the medication and since it has been used for other illnesses it can still be purchased in pharmacies for treatment of those illnesses.

So all you really need is a note from your family doctor for DCA and you can get it from your local pharmacy.

The cure for cancer has been sitting on pharmacy shelves for decades, but we didn't even notice it until 2009.

Canadian blogger's 'Quest for a Condo' to be on CBC Radio

Canadian blogger Charles Moffat is attempting to trade his way to a Toronto condo. He started with a mere Hot Wheels toy car and is already up to a bicycle (and rumour has it he may soon trade the bicycle for an iPod Touch).

The story has sparked so much attention he has been featured in the National Post and tomorrow Charles Moffat will be discussing "My Quest for a Condo" on CBC Radio Metro Morning sometime between 5:30 AM and 6 AM (Thursday May 10th 2012). If you don't have a radio you can tune in via the CBC Radio website.

Moffat will be discussing his trading exploits so far, reactions from people and also Toronto's real estate market and the bursting of the real estate bubble.

Moffat isn't the first person to trade up this way. Canadian Kyle MacDonald did it in 2005-06 and got a house in Saskatchewan in 14 trades.

17-year-old Steven Ortiz from California traded up to a 2000 Porsche Boxter S, but has since learned an oil change costs at least $150 and a routine tune-up at least $1,000. Ortiz is now hoping to trade up to something that requires less maintenance like a Cadillac Escalade.

May 5, 2012

Common Knowledge: The Trivia Game

ENTERTAINMENT - Spending time with friends and family this summer? Bored? Need a fun trivia game that is good at parties?

Introduce your friends to...

Created by Charles Moffat

What you Need
Paper and pens for everyone, plus 1 extra piece of paper for the scorecard.

How to Play
1. Each person writes down a number (or the name of the person asking) for each person playing the game, minus 1 for themselves.
2. Each person, in turn, then provides a trivia question of their own making which they think is common knowledge (but they're hoping 1 or 2 people won't know the answer). Try to make the question reasonably specific. If in doubt people can ask for clarification.
3. Each person then writes down their answers (askers don't answer their own questions). Give everyone a minute or two to write down their answers.
4. Everyone then takes turns saying their answers. Each person scores a point for each question they answered correctly (they can also be awarded half-points for "acceptable answers".
5. "Acceptable Answers" are judged only by the person who asked the question. (If you don't know the answer try writing down something funny and see what happens. The judge might deem it acceptable.)
6. The asker only scores a point for their own question if at least half of the people answering got the question correct. If less than half gets it correct then they get zero points. If nobody got it correct (including acceptable answers) they take a -1 penalty to their total score for the round.
7. A round is when everyone has asked 1 question each and everyone else has provided their answers. Keep track of the point scores on a separate piece of paper.
8. Play 5 (or more) rounds and then add up the scores for every round. Congratulate the person with the highest score.


What Hollywood actor appeared semi-nude in Cosmopolitan? (Burt Reynolds, an acceptable answer would be "The guy who was in Smokey and the Bandit")

What is the first name of the oldest Hilton hotel heiress? (Paris)

Who is considered to be the King of Rock and Roll? (Elvis Presley)

What band said they were bigger than Jesus? (The Beatles)

What is the conversion rate of pounds to kilograms? (2.2 lbs to 1 kilogram)

What is the last book in the New Testament? (Revelations)

Which candidate demanded a recount in the 2000 United States election? (Al Gore)

Basically your goal is to ask questions which most people (at least half) would know (things that are common knowledge to the people present) and be able to answer correctly.

And there you go, a truly fun and interesting trivia game and you don't need anything but paper and pens. You can also play it in a car, on an airplane, while in a stuck elevator with friends. Its versatile, fun, you learn new things and good for laughs.


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