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July 29, 2013

What if guys and girls switched roles at the gym?

What if guys and girls switched roles at the gym?

Below is an amusing video that takes punches at the different things men and women do at the gym.

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July 19, 2013

Emmy's snub the Walking Dead

Some people call it genre elitism.

It seems pretty accurate when you consider the #1 TV on television is The Walking Dead - which is technically a drama, and not so much an action show as some people might think - has been snubbed by the Emmy's again.

Emmy nominations this year gave more attention to Netflix and a lot of female dramas - but it has completely ignored the AMC's smash drama hit The Walking Dead which hasn't received a single nomination despite being the best show on television in the key 18 to 49-year-old demographic.

Less quality programs like Scandal and Nashville got nominations, but The Walking Dead got completely ignored.

And you have to ask why?

Well, The Walking Dead has been loosely described as a soap opera like drama - but with zombies as the backdrop instead of oil riches (like Dallas). And while shows like Dallas are perfect to receive and win Emmy nominations, The Walking Dead is seen as being too low brow - despite the high calibre of both its actors, its plots, writing, and quality production.

Shows like Mad Men and even Game of Thrones (which also has zombies and even dragons in it) are seen as being higher brow... Perhaps because GoT is based off of a bestselling series of books, whereas The Walking Dead is based off of a bestselling series of graphic novels.

In other words zombies and comic books aren't cool enough to win an Emmy, even if the writing, production and quality of their drama is off the scale.

It all kind of smacks of conspiracy - as if someone in the who's who of Emmy nominations has enough control to keep The Walking Dead out of the running on purpose.

After all, if it was done democratically then The Walking Dead would be guaranteed Emmy nominations. That means that someone in control is deliberately snubbing the show.

And this isn't really a conspiracy theory because it is the only logical explanation.

Federal government at fault for Lac-Megantic train wreck

July 19th 2013 - According to investigators a complete lax of safety protocols in recent years is at fault for the Lac-Megantic train wreck in Quebec. At which point investigators looked to see who is at fault for the lowering of safety standards.

Turns out it is the Federal Ministry of Transport, aka Transport Canada.

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board has recommended federal regulators urgently review railway safety procedures in the wake of the runaway train that killed 50 people in Lac-M├ęgantic, Que., earlier this month.

The TSB announced today that it has issued two urgent safety advisories rather than waiting for the results of its investigation, which is expected to take months.

Transport Canada should review its rules for securing equipment, including company-specific instructions, and ensure trains carrying dangerous goods aren’t left unattended on main railroad tracks, said the TSB.

Newly minted Transport Minister Lisa Raitt said she has directed Transport Canada to review the TSB recommendations on an “expedited basis.”

Lead investigator Don Ross said the braking force on the train hauling 72 cars of petroleum products wasn’t strong enough to hold it on the 1.2 per cent grade where it was left, unattended, by a single operator at the end of his shift. If proper safety procedures had been in place - procedures removed under the Harper government - the train would not have been left unattended.

As is the way with the Harper government all branches of government are being told to cut back on things considered "frivolous" and apparently public safety is frivolous and not worth burdening train operators with additional safety protocols and safety inspections.

Not having to conduct regularly scheduled safety inspections means Transport Canada saves over a million dollars per year in reduced staffing costs.

 Explain that to the 50 people killed by the Lac-Megantic runaway train.

July 1, 2013

Hearing Loss up, North Americans are not protecting their ears enough

With the number of people listening to headphones way too loud, it is a wonder more teenagers are not going deaf or suffering hearing loss from listening to loud music.

Instead the biggest contributors to hearing loss is people who have very loud professions. Jobs like construction work, mining, military, plumbers, carpenters, agriculture, firefighting, or manufacturing.

* I wish I could find statistics for hearing loss for musicians.

What I can tell you is that the percentage of people who are suffering hearing loss is going up - and is predicted to keep going up.


A multitude of reasons, including:

#1. Increased ignorance of how much damage loud noises can do - people choosing to ignore the damage being done to their ears, thinking that they don't need ear protection.

#2. Inadequate ear protection. Sponge ear protectors don't protect your ears enough when using heavy machinery or firing large guns (during military training exercises). People need to be using more powerful ear protection.

#3. Louder machinery. Call it an advancement in technology if you want. Machines are getting bigger and bigger, more powerful, and likewise louder. Thus machinery that did a smaller job back in the 1950s vs bigger machinery that is faster, stronger, and LOUDER are doing more damage to people's ears.

Thus it is clear that people (and companies / governments) should be doing more to protect the ears of their employees and soldiers. It is amazing that people suffering from hearing loss are not suing the company for not providing better ear protection - and ear protection training.

FACT - One in ten North American adults suffers from mild tinnitus due to their working conditions. What is worse, that statistic goes up the closer to retirement they get. It is not their age however causing it, it is their loud working conditions destroying their hearing over decades. Thus by the time they reach 65 many people who developed mild tinnitus during their youth are suffering from major hearing loss when they reach retirement.

If you think you are suffering hearing loss due to your work conditions, try contacting an audiologist or getting a hearing test. You can even get a free hearing test if you live near Vaughan, Ontario, or similar places that offer free hearing tests. The Omni Hearing Centre in Vaughan is just one of many places in Ontario that offer free hearing tests.

Thus you have nothing to lose by getting your hearing checked by an audiologist.

And if your hearing is going down due to your work conditions, that is grounds for a class action lawsuit for all of the employees working there. If other employees get their hearing checked and they are all suffering hearing damage then it is clear the company is providing inadequate ear protection.

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