November 10, 2008

Boycotting Yak Canada

CANADA - I am henceforth boycotting Yak Canada and encouraging other people to do the same.

A telemarketer from Yak Canada called me on my cellphone not 10 minutes ago and tried to sell me a home phone, thus pissing me off and wasting my cellphone minutes/money. I demanded to speak to her manager and she hung up on me.

Whats worse is my cellphone is registered on Canada's Do Not Call List, which means I ended up going to the DNC website to fill out a complaint form against Yak Canada for phoning me in the first place. (Complaints against telemarketers result in the telemarketer being fined for each complaint. If a registered household files a complaint, the maximum fine is $1,500 for individual telemarketers and $15,000 for companies.)

Canada DNC List has been up and working since September 30th, but quite a few Canadians have yet to register on it. More than 3.3 million telephone, cellular and fax numbers were registered on the do-not-call list in the first 20 days it was operational. The CRTC has projected that 60% of the 27 million residential telephone numbers in Canada would be registered on the list within the next two years.

BUT WHY WAIT? Why not register NOW?

If you haven't registered for the DNC list you should register right now. Don't wait for the telemarketers to piss you off and then register, do it now. They even have a toll-free number you can call to register or file a complaint: 1-866-580-3625

That way when they do call you can file a complaint and have them fined.

Revenge is sweet, but I'll be happier when telemarketers are put out of business.

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  1. YAK will move your phone service without your consent. I had this happen to me on Monday Dec 5, I have emailed them, tried calling and waiting on the phone today after 15 min I got someone on the other line, they kept asking same question over over again no resolve. They were rude and told me I that the Supervisor did not want to speak with me. Worst customer service that I have ever encountered

  2. YAK communications provides the worst customer service I have had the misfortune to experience. I was put on hold waiting to speak to someone in billing regarding calls that were not from my phone. I was on hold for 2 1/2 hours. Normally I would never wait this long. However I needed a resolution. Finally was connected, and briefly outlined my issue when the agent disconnected me abruptly after all this wait time. By a stroke of luck I called back and had a 15 minute wait. The agent came on the phone explained I needed to speak with billing informed they close at 4:00pm. By this time my account was in arrears and I was not going to pay for charges I did not use.
    I informed the CS I worked I needed to speak to a Rep. She asked if they could call Saturdays I said Great Yes!! No one called..... After various threats etc still no Saturday calls just a curt message indicating my account was in arrears and since I am such a "good customer" It needs to be paid..... Good customer my A## How would they know? Never get a hold of them,
    This is by far the worst incompetent unfriendly and undertrained customer service reps I have ever dealt with...
    stay away from YAK.....

  3. I am still waiting for a response from YAK, my old line is still tied up and people get a message that my mail box is full.
    I had to have Rogers give me a new # which has incurred expenses time and money. The good news is I have a phone.
    I have written to the Better Business Bureau and the CRTC and they seem to have trouble getting a response.
    I spent many hours on the phone on hold, I had one person tell me the supervisor DID not want to speak with me. Great.
    I will let everyone know when this gets resolved?

  4. That was going to be my next step in contacting the CRTC. Surely there must be some regulations concerning YAK and other companies of their ilk.
    I think for the time being I will use my SKYPE we use it frequently at work to call clients, works very well and inexpensive..

    AS long as you have access to high spees there are other alternatives...

    Funny I used to be a customer of Rogers but found them equally as bad..

  5. The latest from Yak is that they sent me an email on Saturday 17th, 2009 telling me I owe them $168.
    No service but I owe money. It gets my blood boiling when I even think about it.
    I was given a supervisors to speak with and she told me that I would not owe them any money, then the invoice shows up in me email.
    I told her I would be sending YAK an invoice.
    My old phone number was finally put out of service Jan 9th, this meant I would have been without a phone for over a month. People were trying to reach me as the phone just kept saying that my mailbox was full.
    YAK blamed Rogers for the fiasco, so I will let Rogers know.
    I have to say Rogers came me amazing service and I was always able to speak with a person who spoke English.

  6. I have had nothing but problems with Yak as well. Being fraudulently lied to about internet speeds, improper billing, horrendous customer relations, etc.

    I am going to be checking into the possibility of launching a class action suit against these yo-yos because the CRTC, CCTS, BBB are all either unable or unwilling to do anything about these fraudulent hucksters.

    I am especially interested if anyone is actually receiving the full 5 mbit connection that they say is possible. From what I have seen or gathered, they do not even have enough bandwidth to be able to give these speeds and limit connection speeds and blame it on the lines or distance from the CO. When you first start the service, they give you an intentionally low speed, and hope you won't notice. When you complain, they will raise it slightly, but then say the lines aren't capable of more.

    I would also be interested in hearing from any disgruntled ex-yak employees who could shed some light on the internal practices and what they are told to tell the suckers err... customers to sign them up.

    Please send any "horror" stories concerning Yak to the e-mail address I created for this purpose. Don't send any names, addresses, or telephone numbers. Just an e-mail address so I can get back to you if I can get this suit to go ahead.

    An extremely disgruntled Yak customer.

  7. I just thought I'd share an experience I just had. 2 clowns in suits showed up to my door, first of all I live in an apt. building. They shouldn't be here in the first place as we frown on solicitors to being with. Anyways, the one guy who did all the talking, a real car salesman type, smooth talker, acted as if we had an appt. to meet at this time, today. He was surprised I "didn't remember" that we had this supposed appt and mentioned some notice they supposedly left at my door, like that was supposed to make me say "oh right, well, come on in." Jerks. Anyways, He started by telling me to grab my phone bill, so we could get started, as if he was "letting it slide" i forgot the appt, but we could get started right away and all is forgiven or something. I said, no I'm not getting my phone bill, he said well you DO have a phone, right? Internet? cable tv? I said that's none of your business, he was such a shuckster, he said well, that's ok, i mean you DO want to save money right? I'm assuming you want to save money? I siad look I'm not interested and he turns to his partner and they smile and say well I guess you DON'T want to save money then I take it? I siad again, I'm not interested and proceeded to close the door. They just laughed at me and started making jokes about well, if you wanna pay more, good luck to you, and wow, like I'm such an idiot, because I don't want to hear what they have to say as if they're going to save me all kinds of money, etc. The while through they were pretty much trying to push their way into my apartment. I was pretty upset. Anyways, I can't believe ANY company would condone this kind of behaviour in their reps. Pushy, rude, arrogant. It's UNACCEPTABLE! I swear, if anyone was trying to put together a law suit to file against Yak, I'd love to sign up. Jeez, they totally ruined my already rocky day. Jerks. Ah well, time to chill, play my ds and think of good times.


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