July 16, 2011

WikiLeaks: The Movie?

ENTERTAINMENT/POLITICS - Julian Assange and his whistleblower website WikiLeaks has been the target of much drama and political scandal, especially when his website keeps posting government secrets which are often not "top secret", but are simply things various countries and corporations want kept quiet on the fringe of what most people know about the government.

Things like which corporation supplies the USA with most of its fissionable material for its nuclear submarines. Its not a secret, it just wasn't widely discussed.

Having things released in WikiLeaks is basically like hiring a publicist and announcing to the whole world... "Hey, the USA is getting a lot of crude oil from this one place in Saudi Arabia!"

And while there are other countries involved in the WikiLeaks leaks, it is still the United States which is the most mentioned and the most vehement in its goal of putting Julian Assange behind bars and attempting to silence his website.

The phoney baloney charges against Julian Assange have nothing to do with political strife or greedy corporations however. They're trumped up charges of sexual assault in Sweden, an investigation which only started after the USA made it clear it wanted Assange's head on a platter. The allegations against him are completely "without basis" and its pretty clear Sweden is just a puppet here in an effort to silence Julian Assange.

But lets pretend for a moment they do manage to send him to prison. What happens to the WikiLeaks website? NOTHING. It now has so many mirror websites, loyal supporters and people willing to carry on the cause that it doesn't matter if the CEO is put behind bars. The government leaks will just keep coming, like they always have...

Historically it was usually newspapers that were printing the government leaks. Thanks to the internet now anyone can do it. Furthermore, once on WikiLeaks the newspapers usually reprint the new info anyway, citing WikiLeaks as the source.

So WikiLeaks is definitely here to stay, regardless of what happens to Julian Assange.


And now the rights to the movie have been sold and heading into production. The story of Julian Assange's manhunt, the false allegations, thousands of not-to-secret government leaks... all on a Hollywood screen for everyone to see.

What is funny is when you look at the statistics too. Most Americans support WikiLeaks. Its just the government and its political cronies who hate it (although some secretly love it, because its fodder against their political enemies).

The film rights were bought by Marc Shmuger of DreamWorks. As the producer Shmuger will be in charge of the final cut of the film (often the director doesn't get the final cut, hence why they also make "director's cuts").

Fans of WikiLeaks have been promoting the film like crazy, posting copies of documentaries online... like the one below from YouTube.

But its not a documentary that Marc Shmuger is planning. Its an entertaining feature film, perhaps starring "Leonardo DiCaprio or Ryan Gosling" or Christian Bale as Julian Assange.

Thus when it hits the theatres eventually the US government will be hardpressed to keep Julian Assange under wraps.

And back to our original point, what difference will it make? The cat is already out of the bag, the genie is out of the bottle, the politician is out of the whorehouse, the army general is caught with his pants down on videotape and its been posted on YouTube.

Seriously people. WikiLeaks The Movie will just be a final nail in the coffin making it as official and permanent as Michael Moore films, a historical fact like the Watergate Scandal...

The real danger is when its finally leaked that September 11th was planned by the Bush Administration. With damning evidence. (Its not really much of a secret either, everyone knows they planned it as an excuse to go after Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran.)

As it currently stands many of the WikiLeaks have to do with the wars in the Middle East. The US government doesn't want people realizing at what level they've been deceived. We can logically conclude that the planning of September 11th was just a tiny piece of the puzzle with respect to the government secrets surrounding the current wars in the Middle East.

Its not just the wars either. Highly secretive bank documents which detail the collapses of various investment banks during 2008 and how they were actually in good financial standing, but secretly presented false documents to the USA and British governments in an effort to give huge bailout payments... ergo, the whole bailout scheme was a complete fraud and American / British taxpayers are paying the price of their greed and corruption.

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