October 13, 2010

The Top Supercars in the World

CARS - In no particular order...

Pagani Zonda
Horsepower - 594
Price - $320,000 to over $1 million
Max Speed – 215mph
Rentable - Yes
Regarded as representing the more passionate, bonkers end of the supercar market, this is a favourite of Top Gear`s Richard Hammond for its bold styling and incredibly performance.

Horsepower - 469
Price - $600,000 est.
Max Speed – 210 mph
Rentable - No
Australian made, the Joss featured in two Project Gotham racing games for the Xbox 360 before it had even made it into production. Its looks borrow heavily from the fabled McLaren F1.

Gumpert Apollo
Horsepower – 641 to 690
Price - $260,000
Max Speed – 223.9mph
Rentable - Yes
With racing pedigree, fierce styling and killer performance stats the Gumpert Apollo has won many fans and held on to the top spot on Top Gear`s power lap rankings until it was unseated by the Bugatti Veyron SS.

Lamborghini Murciélago
Horsepower -572 to 631
Price - $354,000 to $450,000
Max Speed – 211mph
Rentable - Yes
A favourite of footballers and film stars, the Murciélago as part of Lamborghini`s revival after the decadent legacy left by the Diablo and Countach in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Lamborghini Miura
Horsepower – 350 to 380
Price – Original cost of $20,000 current cost ranging between $200,000 and $800,000
Max Speed – 171mph
Rentable -No
Dating from the mid 60s the Miura is the Italian answer to the Ford GT40, with bug-eyed headlights and a bonnet that seems to stretch for miles.

Laraki Fulgura
Horsepower - 920
Price – $555,750 est.
Max Speed – 247mph
Rentable - No
Although it is based on Lamborghini`s Diablo, the Fulgura is a refined supercar originating in Morocco and coming with an emphasis on performance with its carbon fibre construction and natty gull wing doors.

Ferrari Enzo
Horsepower - 651
Price - $659,330
Max Speed – 226mph
Rentable -Yes
A modern classis, the Enzo takes its name from Ferrari`s founder and its technology from the high end world of Formula 1 racing, complete with sharp looks and performance to boot.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition
Horsepower - 640
Price - $540,000 est.
Max Speed – 209mph
Rentable -No
Forged to celebrate a victory by famous racing driver Stirling Moss, this 2006 special edition of Mercedes` seminal supercar has all the thrusting presence of an icon.

Ford GT90
Horsepower - 720
Price - $3,000,000 development cost
Max Speed – 235mph
Rentable -No
This concept car took a significant departure from the muscular looks of previous entrants in the GT series, with rounded edges and a domed windscreen this mid-90s supercar looked thoroughly futuristic.

Lamborghini Gallardo
Horsepower – 493 to 562
Price - $200,000 to $240,000
Max Speed – 192 to 202mph
Rentable - Yes
The Lamborghini Gallardo has proved so popular that over 10,000 have been made and its bold styling that mixes sharp edges with curves make it a legend amongst modern supercars.

Bugatti Veyron SS
Horsepower - 1200
Price - $2.4 million
Max Speed – 257.91mph artificial limit and 267mph record speed.
Rentable - Yes
Taking the already astronomically fast Veyron and then upping the horsepower and max speed meant this Super Sport special edition could wow on the Top Gear Test Track and leave car lovers drooling.

Keating TKR
Horsepower - 2000
Price - $633,000
Max Speed – 260.1mph
Rentable - No
The insane horsepower in this beast is paired with a shell that resembles the Pagani Zonda and a McLaren F1 combined.

Ultimate Aero
Horsepower – 1062 to 1287
Price - $190,000 to $970,000
Max Speed – 236 – 272mph theoretical top speed
Rentable - No
This car has been vying to hold and break the land speed record for a production car and its wide, wacky styling blended with bold colour schemes has not escaped the attention of supercar fans.

Hennessey Venom GT
Horsepower – 725 to 1000
Price - $600,000 est.
Max Speed – 200mph
Rentable - No
This is a supercar that looks like something Batman might come up with if it got his hands on a Lotus Elise. With an all-black body, plenty of fins, black alloys and a perky spoiler this is the Dark Knight of the supercar world.

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo
Horsepower - 750
Price - $585,296
Max Speed – 248mph
Rentable - No
With unfussy supercar good looks, stellar performance figures and a US heritage the twin turbocharged Saleen S7 gives European manufacturers a run for their money.

Koenigsegg CCXR
Horsepower - 1064
Price - $1.2 million
Max Speed – more than 250mph
Rentable - Yes
Given that Forbes magazine voted the CCXR as one of the most beautiful vehicles in history little need be said about its exterior and interior styling, other than that it is as close to perfection as possible.

Vector W8
Horsepower - 625
Price - $455,000 original cost, current prices range between $200,000 and $1 million.
Max Speed – 220mph
Rentable - No
This relic of the late 80s looks like something that Lamborghini would have made if they wanted to be even more outrageous. Made with Kevlar, carbon fibre and aviation-grade rivets, this is angular excess in all its glory.

McLaren F1
Horsepower - 627
Price – $970,000 original price, $2 million to over $4 million current price.
Max Speed – 231mph to 240mph
Rentable -Yes
This car still holds the world speed record for a naturally aspirated road legal vehicle and its central driver position, gull wing doors and classic sleek styling make it one of the most famous supercars on the planet.

Locus Plethore
Horsepower - 750
Price – $395,000
Max Speed – 240mhp est.
Rentable - No
Canada`s first supercar has an aggressive, almost feline face, a squat stance and aerodynamic design that definitely help it to stand out from the supercar crowd.

Zenvo ST1
Horsepower - 1104
Price - $1 million est.
Max Speed – 233mph
Rentable - No
This Danish bombshell is characterised by angular scoops and air intakes and a body that shares similarities with the Bugatti Veyron and the Gumpert Apollo, which makes for an interesting mix.

Porsche Carrera GT
Horsepower - 605
Price - $440,000
Max Speed – 244.5mph
Rentable -Yes
This elongated Porsche has a carbon fibre frame and offers fans of the German manufacturer a supercar to treasure.

Jaguar XJ220
Horsepower -
Price - $650,000
Max Speed – 220mph
Rentable -No
At seven feet wide and 16 long the XJ220 won admiration in the early 1990s for its unabashed opulence.

Horsepower – 530 to 560
Price - $372,000
Max Speed – 219mph
Rentable -No
Looking like a Porsche 997 on steroids, the RUF RT-12 is one mean machine.

Ascari A10
Horsepower - 625
Price – $650,000
Max Speed – 220mph
Rentable -No
The supercar equivalent of a wasp, the Ascari A10 has insect-like headlights, a yellow colour scheme and a rounded behind that is reminiscent of certain Lotus models.

Noble M600
Horsepower - 650
Price - $317,000
Max Speed – 225mph
Rentable - No
Its baby-blue colour scheme may make it look a little light on style, but for raw power it has been enough to impress Top Gear`s Jeremy Clarkson.

Caparo T1
Horsepower - 575
Price - $480,000
Max Speed – 205mph
Rentable - Yes
With the looks of a Lemans racer and the performance to match, this is unlike any other two seater road vehicle you will have ever seen before.

Maserati MC12
Horsepower - 620
Price - $830,000
Max Speed – 205mph
Rentable - Yes
This is Maserati`s take on Ferrari`s Enzo and although the chassis is the same the finish is bigger, bolder and far more track-focused, making it an excellent choice for whatever car hire Cyprus has to offer.

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