August 21, 2009

Poll shows Obama is a Moderate Democrat

POLITICS/UNITED STATES - The popular political comic strip Doonesbury has been conducting a poll on their website recently. Its for fun, but the results are rather amusing.

In the poll you are asked two questions:

1. Is Obama a Nazi, a Socialist or a Moderate Democrat?

  • Obama is a Nazi. Totalitarian and anti-parliamentarian, he opposes economic and political liberalism. He also believes in a racially and ethnically pure state -- and mass murder to achieve that end.

  • Obama is a Socialist. Deeply opposed to capitalism, he believes in class struggle, the redistribution of wealth, and in state ownership and management of the production of goods.

  • Obama is a moderate Democrat. He believes in compromise, civil discourse, and modest, incremental policy reform, disappointing everyone but the centrist voters who made his presidency possible.

2. Are you a Nazi, a Socialist or a Moderate Democrat? Check one.

Out of the approx. 6000 votes so far tallied 91% of people identified Obama as a moderate Democrat. Approx. 5% thought Obama was a Socialist and approx. 2% called him a Nazi. (You will note the numbers do not add up to 100% because they don't include decimals.)

More so the majority of the people who were calling Obama a Nazi claimed on the survey that they themselves were a Nazi (maybe they got confused and checked the wrong box?). But even so 44% of self-proclaimed Nazis still thought Obama was a moderate Democrat, 16% thought he was a Socialist and only 39% of Nazis called Obama such (which again suggests people got confused about what box to check).

So what you get out of this is that the Nazis and the Socialists are calling Obama a Liberal and a moderate Democrat... evidently he's not a Nazi/etc, but some people will stoop to any level just because they don't like free health care.

And those people who are stooping so low are Republicans. (BTW, no serious Republican would ever read Doonesbury. They would have to be a left leaning Republican if they read it and participated in the above poll.) Its the Republicans who are sour about losing the 2008 election, and apparently are so uneducated they don't know the difference between Socialism and Nazism, who are calling Obama a Nazi or a Socialist or both.

And even dumber is why they are calling Obama a Nazi or a Socialist.

I mean come on... the guy gets into power, decides its time for Americans to have free health care, finds the money to pay for it, and then they call him a Nazi for "imposing his will on America" and call him a Socialist for giving away free health care? Americans have been demanding free health care for decades, its not like they weren't asking for it.

All the fuss is because Republicans are worried about the COST of free health care. They apparently don't worry about the cost of free education, police, fire, military services... but free health care? Oh no!

The silly thing is how Obama paid for it. Its already a done deal.

All he did is cut a income tax refund for charitable donations for people making over $250,000/year. So instead of a 35% refund they now only get a 28% refund. The 7% more the government keeps was enough money to pay for free health care for all Americans. So its not like Obama raised taxes or anything... all he did was cut back on a refund.

After its done and paid for however there's always a percentage of people who complain... like whats being going on with the car industry and the banking industry. Although you can't blame Obama for the bailouts because that was all Bush's doing while he was still in power.

True, Obama has helped out the auto industry (cleaning up Bush's mess), but Congress has helped out the auto industry many times before during Bush Sr's era and the Reagan era. Its hardly anything new. Every time there is a recession the auto industry asks for bailouts and loans (which they eventually paid back).

Calling a sitting president a Nazi is nothing new. Quite a few people called George W. Bush a Nazi during his time in the Oval Office, but in reality Bush was just a man who made mistakes and occasionally put his foot in his mouth. It is still questionable as to whether Bush was the corrupt puppet or the evil puppeteer pretending to be dumb, but he was certainly not a Nazi.

And calling Obama such is just plain ridiculous and childish.

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