October 8, 2021

Is Sword and Sorcery dead?


Looking for a good book to read? Something that is escapism and takes you away from the current world which is all "Global Pandemic" and "Global Warming"?

Well, good news... We have a solution.

Read a fantasy book set in a world which doesn't have pandemics or global warming. Or if there is a plague in that world, at lease that plague isn't real, and any global warming/cooling happening in that world is just fictional.

Back in February 2020 (during the Before Times...) Canadian fantasy writer Charles Moffat wrote a post for Lilith Press titled "Is Sword and Sorcery Dead? Hardly."

During his post he describes doing much the same thing that Robert E. Howard (the grandfather of Sword & Sorcery and the creator of Conan the Barbarian) did, but with several big differences:

  • He depicts racial diversity in a positive light.
  • He depicts women in realistic and often positive roles.

So... Basically it is "Woke Sword & Sorcery". That is something the fantasy genre really needs honestly. None of the sexism or racism you might see in old fantasy books, which are sometimes blatantly racist and other times feels more like closet racism.

Nothing wrong with Wokeness in our opinion. It is the people who are anti-Woke you need to worry about.

Furthermore, Charles Moffat's Sword & Sorcery series "Wulfric the Wanderer" is doing quite well. All of the books thus far in the series have either 4.5 or 5 stars and some glowing reviews from fans.

Lastly, Moffat's newest addition to the series is coming out on December 1st 2021 and is already available for preorders for the ebook. You can get it via:

Amazon.ca: "The Raven's Feast"

Amazon.com: "The Raven's Feast"

Amazon.co.uk: "The Raven's Feast"

And others. Each ebook in the series sells for approx. $2.99 and each paperback copy for $5.99. Exact pricing may vary on region.

The lengths of each story in the Wulfric the Wanderer series varies. Some are short stories, some are novelettes and only 1 thus far is a novella. The recommended reading order is below, however Moffat says you don't need to read them in order. In true Sword & Sorcery tradition each story stands on its own and they don't need to be read in order (because apparently he doesn't write/publish them in order).

  1. Portal of Destiny (Short Story)
  2. The Cult of the She-Bear (Novella)
  3. Shifting Shadows in Iztark (Novelette)
  4. Black Monoliths of Al-Kazar (Short Story)
  5. The Unbreakable Arrow (Novelette) 
  6. The Raven's Feast (Short Story)

 So sit back, make yourself some coffee or tea, and enjoy a good story or two so you can get away from the crazy world we currently live in and visit a fantasy world where oddly enough things seem a whole lot simpler and less crazy.

Although the giant raven eating someone on a rooftop is pretty weird, we admit. (Giant ravens also appear in one of Moffat's novels: "The Demon's Sacrifice", which you should also check out.)

October 7, 2021

Bringing Back Lilith News?

 So here's a weird idea.

Should we bring back "Lilith News"?

It was never really gone. It is a bit like a zombie... lurking under the floorboards in the basement, its heart still beating away irregularly like some phantom in a story...

Happy Halloween!

A fan of Lilith News + the old Lilith News Newsletter contacted one of us recently via social media and commented about missing the appeal of such a news blog.

The good news we have to impart is two fold:

#1. Lilith News never really left, we just switched over to posting things on Lilith Press instead, although the volume of news articles is certainly down. Currently it has about 280+ pages and growing, whereas Lilith News at its height had 1300+. However the new site is growing, but slowly.

#2. We have decided that this old site still has its uses (despite the lack of advertising revenue) so we are going to partially bring it back and revive it by posting new things once in awhile. Not in the volume that we used to obviously, but we shall see.

Part of this decision is so that we can boost visibility / marketing for Lilith Press, so this is fundamentally a good marketing decision. Lilith News has 1300+ posts, so any efforts we do on here with respect to marketing is boosted by the fact that it is a large website. By making new posts it makes the site relevant again to Google, which means the old posts also become relevant.

The Demise of Newspapers...

Honestly, newspapers aren't the only sources of news that rise and fall based on advertising revenue. That is what decimated Lilith News. Newspapers, blogs, we all suffer from the same thing if for any reason we lose our advertising revenue. We depend on it. It is the lifeblood of the news. We are not all as fortunate as the BBC or CBC that we are government funded and thus guaranteed to be kept around as a news/entertainment source.

The demise of newspapers has largely been driven by a shift in where advertising money is going, from print newspapers and magazines to online advertising. This was a huge important shift and it has left many newspapers and magazines to be shut down or shrunk to a size never seen before.

That advertising revenue that is online is now largely taken by websites like Google and Facebook, any newspaper smart enough to monetize their website for advertising, and bloggers like ourselves who rely upon the advertising so we can pay our bills, our mortgages, etc.

So if a website (even a big one like Lilith News) for whatever reason loses its advertising revenue it is a huge financial blow and the bloggers have to make ends meet via whatever regular jobs we can do. And for some part, that is what we have been busy doing during the past number of years.

We all have to make ends meet somehow.

December 1, 2017

Lilith Press Magazine: LilithPress.ca

Hey Toronto / Canada / Other Peoples!

Just a reminder that we no longer actively use this website any more, although it is still valuable for advertising (a blog with over 1300 blog posts is always valuable).

For people looking for our current website, please visit www.LilithPress.ca, where we now post articles on the following topics:

Over time we will gradually be moving the more popular posts from Lilith News over to our new website, so if you are looking for an older blog post that is no longer here, then it is most likely on LilithPress.ca instead.

September 3, 2016

The Toronto Air Show, a poignant reminder of what an invasion sounds like

Every year the sounds of military jet engines breaking the sound barrier while flying over the city of Toronto serve as advertising that the Toronto Air Show is once again upon us.

As Toronto's oldest annual air show, it isn't going to disappear any time soon. The base tickets bring in thousands of people, but they also offer VIP tickets which have staggering prices of upward to $1519 per ticket, and include a lot of interesting perks...

But, here is the thing... We live in Canada.

The Royal Canadian Air Force isn't exactly brimming with brand new technology or lots of planes.

As of 2013 the RCAF only has 258 manned aircraft. Only a fraction of what we would need if we were ever in a major war.

The RCAF also only has 14,500 regular soldiers and 2,600 reserves. Peanuts compared to many other countries.

But the most crippling problem is that Canada doesn't even build its own warplanes any more. They are all built in the USA. We are completely dependent upon United States factories to be building our planes.

Imagine a scenario for example in which an enemy of NATO bombs and destroys all of the American factories... and back in Canada we cannot get parts to repair our planes because the American factories have all been destroyed.

But if we built our own planes here in Canada we would instead have some military and economic benefits...

#1. Building our own planes in Canada means more jobs for Canadians.

#2. Building our own planes and replacement parts in Canada means we are more independent, and are responsible for protecting our own chain of supply.

#3. Having the designs for building our own planes, if anything happens to the factories we can simply have other factories build the parts according to the specifications.

#4. If a major war ever broke out, Canada would have the ability to build its own planes to meet the demand required for new planes so we can keep on fighting on the land, on the sea, and in the air.

#5. Money spent on building those planes would stay in Canada, as opposed to being outsourced to Americans and shipping the money south of the border.

At present much of Canada's warplanes are actually just large transport vehicles and helicopters. They range from tactical transport vehicles like the CC-130H Hercules, to the CH-124 Sea King helicopters (which take a ridiculous number of hours to repair and maintain for every hour they are in the air).

Much of Canada's air force are antiquated planes that have been used since the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

For example the CF-18 Hornet fighter jets that you might see zooming over Toronto during the Toronto Air Show, they have been protecting the skies over Canada since 1982.

That is 34 years of service. Over a third of a century.

Back in 2010 the incompetent Stephen Harper announced that he was going to purchase 65 new Lockheed Martin F-35...

The resulting scandal wasted hundreds of millions of Canadian dollars and all Canada got to show for it was a wooden mockup of what the plane should look like. The Harper government ultimately never bought the planes, instead they promised to buy them, but never signed the paperwork or contracts for $16 billion, and instead wasted hundreds of millions on empty promises.

Below is a photograph of a fake wooden F-35 purchased by the Harper government. It looks nice. But it doesn't fly and is absolutely useless. Just like Stephen Harper.

Fake Wooden F35

Anyway, let us get right back on topic...

Canada is basically ripe for invasion. Our air force is a joke. An "air farce" if you will.

Someday, possibly sooner than we hope, enemy jets will be flying over Canada and we will realize that we are so weakly defended it is laughable. (We might have a lot of guns per capita, but military training isn't common place in Canada so many Canadians wouldn't even know how to load a rifle, let alone clean it.)

Investing in Canada's military doesn't have to be a huge expense. But we should be spending perhaps 5% of our total annual budget improving Canada's chances. 5% doesn't seem like much, but it would make a difference. It would allow us to upgrade our out of date hardware and invest in new technology.

It would also allow us to be building new planes, drones, helicopters and transport vehicles here in Canada.

And while we are at it, we could invest in more submarines and aircraft carriers. (For those wondering, "battleships" are obsolete and have been ever since aircraft carriers became available.)

Canada's reserves could also be dramatically improved. The 2,600 air force reserves mentioned above is a pittance. We should have 8 times that, at least.

Investing in Canada's military hardware may seem like a waste of money when we are currently at peace, but if don't invest in it on a regular basis our old obsolete equipment will be useless when the day comes that we are at war and we are wondering how we are still using old tech from 1960s that nobody knows how to repair.

And that investment will create jobs for Canadians, on the provision that we realize the opportunity to build and maintain our own equipment here in Canada, instead of begging for scraps from the Americans.

This way in the future when we hear warplanes passing over breaking the sound barrier, we can be a little more confident those are our planes protecting Canada and not some invasion force which has overwhelmed Canada's defenses.

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